About Me

Why digital marketing chose me.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been a dreamer. To know why marketing chose me it is necessary to go back to my childhood …


Dreamchild – near my school was a field where I could go to let my imagination create thousands of universes and stories where I was the hero. I was a calm child but always wrapped up in my dreams.

Years passed, my academic career was not a success. I was neither good nor bad, but one of my exceptional qualities was the way I easily created stories and atmospheres. Not being very interested in studies. Once out of school I become a postman, this job allowed me to pay my way through film school. Unfortunately, that did not lead to any job I couldn’t have done without the tutoring I received.

Like a chameleon that was able to change its colour I changed my craft. I was determined to show that dreamers can succeed too. I needed a more serious job and decided to become an accountant, a job that would allow me to achieve. I worked hard and took evening classes to learn more. All these efforts allowed me to reach one of the 50 largest companies in France. I became a cost controller in a consulting firm. After many years and a lot of work I was recognized for my ability to bring value to people who have been working with me and finding innovative solutions to their problems.

Five years after my arrival my progression was blocked, no more opportunity to evolve and grow. My atypical background caused a lot of doors to the higher positions to be closed to me. It was time to reinvent myself.

With time on my hands I decided to take a Bootcamp and become a developer, a job with in-demand skills that would also allow me to exploit my creativity. After 2 intense months I finished the Bootcamp. It was time to find a job …

I decided to create an online shop to see if it was possible to make a living doing this. It was an incredible experience, I could finally use my creativity to be able to increase my sales. I had to create Facebook advertising and use Instagram for marketing. In two months I went from 0 € to 4000 € in sales.

Once my shop was sold following administrative complications I had to find training that allowed me to master all the tools of digital marketing. By chance one of my friends that I met during the Bootcamp had heard about Udacity’s nanodegree.

Every step in my life has brought me to this point…

This is how the digital marketing chose me. Are you ready to follow me in this adventure?

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