Audience on Facebook : How to Target your ads

Before to dive into how to use Facebook audience insights let’s see this.

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platform. In fact, we live in a generation where almost everyone, within every age group, can be found and reached out on this massive platform.

When Facebook was first introduced it was seen as a mere platform to connect friends and family and grow connections.

Today, Facebook has changed the way people do business. Connecting to a target audience via social media platforms, such as Facebook, has brought in a wider scope of possibilities, options and profitability for businesses, across the world.

With Facebook advertising and simply being present, engaging and interacting through Facebook a business can expand its reach, extend its customer base and make a direct connection with the targeted audience.

Facebook ads are powerful, impactful and hold immense potential for the growth and success of a business.

That said, knowing your target audience is the first step to effective Facebook ads, for optimal and desired results.

Facebook offers an Audience manager tool that can help you target your specific audience.

Additionally, using the power of location based targeting, demographic specific targeting, interest based targeting, behavior based targeting and many other tools are already present and available on a Facebook business page.

So once you know who your audience is and you clearly define it, what next?

An Insight into the matter!

There are many analytical tools available to understand one’s target audience, their needs, response and specific details that could help you gain more audience.

Using Insight tools can help you understand better opportunities and even lower your advertising cost as the ads are more specific and relevant.

The fact that Facebook allows you very detailed and specific targeting is one of the most helpful tools but only when you know how to use it right.

Directing your ads in a general direction, without targeting and gaining insights, are like shooting an arrow in the dark!

Here’s what you need to do:

When you log on to Facebook, there is a ‘manage Ads’ tab. Click and then further click on ‘Tools’.

You will then see an option ‘Audience Insights’, click! This gives you the option to select your preferred audience, i.e. everyone on Facebook, People on your page or a custom audience where you can reach out to people on your email lists or visitors on your website.

  • Specific Interests

On the sidebar you will notice a ‘seed’ tab that will allow you to further target your interest.

Here it is important to be specific rather than general. For example, if you have a recipes based business, ‘cooking’ is more specific than general ‘food’.

Basically, you need to narrow down your search and be as precise and specific as you can, from the very beginning.

  • Analyze

You will notice that after you have specified all interests and targets, a very easy to understand and informative ‘Age and Gender’ data will appear.

This shows you the percentage of active users, according to age and gender who fall under your specified interests.

These are the people you can reach out to and hope to generate leads from.

This is your specific target audience on Facebook! You can further analyze other things like demographics, location etc.

  • Page Likes

This is the most helpful analysis that can really help you make the most of your Facebook business initiatives.

It lists down the most popular pages that are relevant for your requirements and have a large number of active users who are your target audience.

If no results show up, chances are that your seed audience is less than 1000, remove unnecessary targeting and add bigger countries to get results.

  • Create Resource Bank

Now that you know where on Facebook your target audience is, create a resource bank by collecting the links to all the relevant pages.

You can then begin your ad campaigns and keep checking out which interests are working best in your favor.

Audience Insights is an extremely important and valuable tool that helps you maximize and diversify your possibilities.

You can understand your target audience much better and have a deep understanding of who your most potential customers are.

Instead of blindly advertising and wasting money, we can be more specific and offer more relevant ads to people who are more likely to convert into leads and ultimately sales.

Unfortunately, there are so many businesses that are trying to use Facebook but without insights. The success rate is thus minimum!

The logic is simple, if you try to sell a golf club to a football enthusiast, you are most likely to be turned down, but if you offer golf clubs to someone who is passionate about golf, leads and sales will be higher!

You need to know who is looking for the products and services you offer! The best part is, there is a wide audience for every kind of business, you just need to be able to reach them.

Using Facebook insights to see how your audience is changing or to understand trends within your target audience, will help you keep pace with the competition and be available for your audience.

Due analysis of Facebook Insights is not only effective for ads but also helps you understand better content strategies.

You can greatly better your content marketing strategies upon understanding behavior and demographic data.

It thus helps you build an overall stronger portfolio to engage and interact with a larger targeted audience.

Keeping up with the current market competition requires constant effort to offer your audience exactly what they demand.

This is only possible when you know and understand their demands and that can only happen when you know who your audience is!

Facebook Insights thus help you get to the root of success and build your way up from there.

The next time you are reaching out to a customer base on Facebook, point and shoot your arrow based on insights and hit a Bulls-eye!

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