Facebook Ads : 7 Simple Steps to Creating an Effective ad

7 Simple Steps to Creating an Effective Facebook Ads

After my first post about how to optimize your SEO for e-commerce site to sell more and how a grown my store from 0 to 4000€ in 2 months, let’s dive into Facebook ads.

Are you thinking of running a Facebook ads? Well, for that, you will have to understand all the fundamentals of Facebook and how you can use your time and money to create a successful Facebook ad campaign. With more than 900 million visitors every day and over 1.4 billion people using Facebook, marketers are provided with a unique opportunity to boost their organic efforts.

Here are described three Facebook advertising strategies that you may follow –

  • Send advertisement to people who are on your email list
  • Attract your audience’s interest by providing them with free content
  • Use Facebook pixel so that you can retarget the audience who have come to your website recently


So, what is Facebook Ads Manager?

For advertising on Facebook, there are two different tools that you can make use of: the Power Editor and the Ads Manager. If you have a small company, I suggest you to setup your campaigns in the Ads Manager, as Power Editor is good for larger advertisers.

Facebook Ads Manager can help you to do the following –

  • Setting up  campaigns
  • Managing bids
  • Creating new ads as well as ad sets
  • Optimizing your campaigns
  • Targeting a variety of audience
  • Keeping track of where your ad campaign is heading

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can create an effective Facebook ad campaign –

Step-1 Log into your Facebook account

The first thing that you need to do to start creating your Facebook ad is to log in to your Facebook account. On your Facebook News Feed page, just beside the Quick Help button on top, you will get a drop-down menu from where you will have to choose “Create Ads”. For advertising on Facebook ads manager, businesses don’t need to create an account. However, the person or the owner of the business who is operating the advertising requires having a personal account from where s/he can manage as well as pay for the ads.

Step-2 Choose a campaign objective          

You have to choose your campaign objective, which means the goal of your Facebook advertising campaign. You will find three categories here: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Your campaign objective will determine the bidding options, ad formats and auto-optimization of your campaign. By letting Facebook know your goal, you get to auto-optimize your ads. This way, you can expect more results. I suggest you to choose your campaign objective according to your end goal. Suppose, you are running this ad campaign so that you can get more conversions. Then select “Conversions”.

Step-3 Give a name to your ad campaign

Of course, it’s a no-brainer. You need to give your ad campaign a name. Let me give you a tip here. While naming your campaign, make sure to add the date range. This way, you can easily navigate between your campaigns in future.

Step- 4 Choose your audience

In Facebook advertising, targeting your audience is one of those important factors that can make or break your campaign’s overall performance. If this is the first campaign that you are setting up on Facebook, then you may want to experiment will various targeting options until you find the audience that is perfect for your business needs. If you cannot make up your mind on whether to choose a broad audience or a specific one, I will suggest choosing according to your objective. In case you want to create brand awareness, it will be good to choose a broad audience. However, if you want more traffic to your website, then it will be best to focus on a specific audience.

You can also go for Custom Audience. This includes the people who have visited a page of your company which has a tracking pixel, are there in the contact database of your company and have used your company’s game or app.

Step- 5 Select your ad placement

There are a number of places where Facebook ads can appear such as –

  • Instagram
  • News feeds on Facebook
  • Instant articles
  • Audience network
  • In-stream video

You can go for any of the two options in this phase: Configure Your Ad Campaign or Automatic Placements. If you choose to configure your ad campaign, then your ad will be shown in only selected places of Facebook’s advertising network. If this is your first Facebook campaign, I will suggest that you go for Automatic Placements.

Step-6 Set your campaign budget

You can opt for any of the two options discussed below:

  • Daily budget

Select this option if you want to run your ad the whole day. In this case, Facebook will count your spending per day. You need to remember that for an ad set, the least daily budget is 1.00 USD. Also, it should be more than 2x of your cost-per-click (CPC).

  • Lifetime budget

Choose lifetime budget in case you want to run your ad for a specific period of time. If you select this option, know that Facebook will determine your spend over the course of time that you set for the campaign to run.

If you want to specify anything in your budget, then go for advanced options.

Step-7 Set up your Facebook ad

This is the step where you have to determine how you want your ad to look like. Here are two options to choose from: Carousels and Links. If you choose Links, then you get to display a single image in your ad. If you choose Carousels, you get to display 3-5 scrolling images. This does not require any additional cost.

After selecting an ad type, you will be asked by the Ads Manager that how would you like your ad to be displayed. You will be provided with a number of options such as Desktop Right Column, Mobile News Feed and Desktop News Feed.

Now that you know how to create Facebook ads, it’s time that you set up one and start earning huge amount of money.

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