How I’ve grown my e-commerce site from €0 to €4000 per month by optimizing my website!

How I’ve grown my e-commerce site from €0 to €4000 per month by optimizing my website!

I’m going to focus on this post about how I optimized my store, they will follow other posts in this series “how I’ve grown my e-commerce…” (SEO for ecommerce, Target audience, create an facebook ad )

Before you start I’ll remind you that Google is your best friend since it allows you to find all the answers to your questions you will find also a lot of free tools to use in order to optimize your website. You can also join Facebook groups specializing in e-commerce and ask questions there.

You can find training courses online most of which charge you for the training you receive. I’m sure you’ve already come across the idea through Facebook that you can put that money aside and invest it in your store and in advertising.

 Off-site optimization

You can use google analytics to find where your customers struggled, you should focus on bounce rate.This rate should stay below 45%. You should also focus where are your exit pages and try to figure out why your customers are quitting your store at this point.

Use  PageSpeed Insights and test your mobile speed to see if your store is loading slowy, this two website will give you some advice to reduce time loading.

On-site optimization

Before you start to advertise you should invest in optimizing your site. In order to get optimized, you should do the following things on your site.

  • Product pages: make sure you have high-quality images, create engaging descriptions, good products descriptions contain emotions, descriptive, shows the benefits of the products and have also product specifications if copywriting is not your forte you can find one on Fiverr. Display reviews and pictures from your customers
  • About page: Share your story and also include your physical address and your phone number. Use your images, your team or your office.
  • Contact us
  • Facebook Messenger: trust comes also with customers support, make it easy to contact you.
  • Terms of delivery and returns
  • Offer Free Shipping. Everyones expect free shipping because Amazon educates customers to have free shipping.
  • FAQ
  • Recover Abandoned Carts: using automated email reminders to customers who have abandoned their carts using MailChimp

Once you have all this your site should be optimized for sales. If you have no idea how to do this you can ask questions in a Facebook group. Rather than investing in training, I opted to use my money on working with a freelancer. You’re probably thinking, “surely it must cost a lot to get a consultant? Well, not through the Fiverr platform where you can work with various freelancers for a small price.

I have called on silianovska which specializes in blind auditing. It offers two types of audit at less than 40 €, this will provide you with the details of everything you can do to improve your store.

If you have more money you can find site developers on Fiverr who will be able to make your site for you for around 200 €.

Now your site is set for conversion it is time to switch to the digital marketing part.

Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be delighted to help you.

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